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June 14 2024



a. I was not shortlisted in the list for Scholarship. Kindly check my marks.
b. I checked the answer key and I haven’t been selected.
c. I got selected for AICSCC residential program but my name is not in naan mudhalvan selection list. Will I get Stipend?

• It is clarified that the entrance exam was conducted commonly under the Naan Mudhalvan Scheme for selecting candidates preparing for UPSC Preliminary-2024for Naan Mudhalvan scheme scholarship/stipend as well as the residential coaching at AICSCC (Full Time), ACCSCA (Madurai, Coimbatore) and non-residential coaching at AICSCC (Part Time)
• Based on the score card provided by the Naan Mudhalvan scheme, the provisional list has been released by the AICSCC.
• If the candidate’s name is not in the Naan Mudhalvan selection list, they will not be provided with the stipend
• Though a candidate is not selected for the stipend under Naan Mudhalvan Scheme, based on the score card and the seats allotted for a particular category, provisional selection is given by the AICSCC.
• The provisional selection is given by the AICSCC will not entitle the candidate to get stipend under Naan Mudhalvan Scheme.


a. Provisional selection list has been announced. Those who are not selected are clueless.

• It is clarified that the provisionally selected candidates will be given admission first and if vacancy arises, waiting list will be announced on 20.10.2023 with schedule of certificate verification.

b. once the admission gets over, whether hostel room will be allotted and can we stay there
• It is clarified that the hostel room will be provided on the day of certificate verification at AICSCC, Chennai (Full time) if the aspirant produces all the necessary certificates and remits the refundable deposit of Rs.3000/-
• It is also clarified that the accommodation at ACCSCA, Madurai and Coimbatore will be provided only on the day of commencement of classes (30.10.2023) since the Universities have ensured the accommodation from the date of commencement of coaching classes.

c. I have exam scheduled on the date of admission. Can I come next day?
• It is clarified that the provisionally selected candidates are supposed to attend only on the allotted dates. However, the request will be considered if appearing for other examination/interview on the production of necessary supporting documents.

d. While applying,selected the centre wrongly. Is it possible to change the centre now?
• It is clarified that it is not possible to change the centre at this point of time.

3. Certificate related queries

i. can I produce my parents' payslip instead of Income certificate?
ii. should I use my old (2020) income certificate?
iii. In whose name the income certificate be?
• Latest Income certificate (obtained within 6 months) of Parents should be produced. If the income certificate couldn’t be obtained before the admission date, the acknowledgement copy of the income certificate application be uploaded

b. BANK PASSBOOK– I don’t have a passbook
• Please upload the cancelled cheque or bank statementthat shows the Bank account number, IFSC Code and Bank branch

c. TRANSFER CERTIFICATE – I don’t have Transfer Certificate
• If pursuing UG degree, get the bonafide certificate from the college stating that you are currently a student (mentioning roll number, degree and discipline/subject)and the original Transfer Certificate is held by the college. If you have opted for a residential course, get a “No Objection to reside in AICSCC/ACCSCA during the coaching duration” from the college in the Bonazfide certificate itself.